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What is Noustique

Noustique allows you to choose your favourite perfume essences (like picking your favourite coffee beans). Take them home and insert into a perfume creator (like you insert cartridges into a colour printer). And this is it - ready to blend!

You can browse endless library of digital formulas designed by people in our community (like you browse social media for inspiration). You can tweak and change ready made formulas to suit your personality. Ultimately, you will also learn the talent of designing your very own fragrance from a scratch.

Can you imagine anything more personal than a scent designed for yourself?!

Why to JOIN?
Inspire a NEW TREND
By joining us you literally #makeithappen. To acquire next funding round, first we need to prove you really want it. If you are a true trendsetter we want you on board.
Get access to the limited edition ofonly 350 devices
We will offer our limited edition of first devices only to the very first supporters. We want our concept to stay exclusive and limited, like your favourite perfume or cologne.
It is FREE
You do not have to buy anything to show your support now - just a thumb up and email. But in the same time, you will be the first to know when we ready to sell.